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Magitek Armor Mounts For Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV already has chocobos for players to ride and the next mount may be Magitek armor – you know, the snazzy mecha Terra rides in Final Fantasy VI. Producer Naoki Yoshida said he would like to add Magitek armor to the online RPG and showed a sketch during a YouTube Live presentation. However, implementing magical mecha won’t happen until Final Fantasy XIV version 2.0 is complete and that update is slated for public testing around September 2012.


Yoshida plans to completely change Final Fantasy XIV by adding standard classes. The Disciples of Magic you know as conjurer and thaumaturge will become white mage and black mage, respectively. A dragoon class will also be added and Yoshida is still thinking about if players will get a wyvern or not. If players get a pet wyvern, the dragoon will have to be weaker so it’s a balanced class. All of this is starting to sound… a lot like Final Fantasy XI, but XIV has one major change. Players will level up jobs by completing quests, not farming experience points.


Players will get personal space in Final Fantasy XIV to decorate and you may even get a bonus from logging out in your home. After housing is introduced, Yoshida wants to add mini-games like those from Final Fantasy VII’s Gold Saucer too. Yoshida keeps adding to his ambitious list of changes, but will all of these ideas and borrowed Final Fantasy lore lure players into trying Final Fantasy XIV, perhaps for a second time?

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